Manufacturing sector a boost to the US economy

The manufacturing sector has held steady in the US economy during the last two decades, maintaining about 300,000 facilities. Today this sector of the economy employs eleven million people and is responsible for slightly more than half of all export dollars. Sectors of the manufacturing industry that are performing the best,...

Automation technologies within reach for smaller manufacturers, improving the industry as a whole

As automation technology improves and prices are reduced, there are many more opportunities for smaller manufacturers to include robots and other automation technologies into their facilities, creating safer, more productive work environments for their employees. Robotics and automation technologies installed at small manufacturing operations are assisting employees in completing what we...

Michigan Manufacturing Day

Eagle Technologies was a major participant in this year's Michigan Manufacturing Day, on October 4th. Check out the video from the event below!

The future according to factory automation

In the 1970s, American automakers dreamt of completely automated factories reducing the workforce as a way to compete with the Japanese competition making its way into the American car market. As it turned out, though, automation didn’t reduce the need for people to be on the lines, keeping the lines...

What to do with Big Data

With the increase in automation, sensors, and data in the factory, the question of what to do with all the data that’s being collected is being asked more and more. The first step for any manufacturer is to manage all of the data being collected. GE has been dealing with Big...

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