Technology a driver in top manufacturing states

In a recent report on the manufacturing industry’s share of gross state product, the Bureau of Economic Analysis outlined the industry’s impact on each state’s economy and what the driver behind their market shares. Technology seems to be the main driver behind the success of manufacturing in many U.S. States. lists the top 5 states based on their manufacturing output relative to their gross state product:

1.)Oregon – 28.7 Percent

Main Industry: Computer and electronic manufacturing

Total Manufacturing Output: $56 billion

As computer and electronic integration continues to grow and permeate every level of daily life, Oregon reigns supreme in its enterprise. Each new year ushers in another level of computing power and technical innovation, fueling continual research and innovation in a highly competitive market.

Driving Innovation: Integration

2.) Indiana – 26.7 Percent

Main Industries: Chemical manufacturing, auto part manufacturing

Total Manufacturing Output: $74.1 billion

Aided by abundant coal markets and lower relative energy costs, Indiana’s biggest two manufacturing industries cross at common intersections, where petro-based chemical production feeds into automotive part creation.

While the Midwest has a long history of manufacturing and small businesses, natural growing pains have arisen where modernity and tradition meet, but the current growth of Indiana’s manufacturing exports (more than 110 percent from 2000-2011) offer clear indicators of successfully advancing operations.

Driving Innovation: Automation

3.) Louisiana – 25.4 Percent

Main Industries: Petroleum and coal manufacturing, chemical manufacturing

Total Manufacturing Output: $63 billion

Taking advantage of effective exporting capacity and long established shipping infrastructure, Louisiana has long stood at the forefront of oil and chemical manufacturing, relying on the strong symbiosis between its forefront industries.

Despite several economic blows, because of forces both natural and manmade, the manufacturing industries of Louisiana stood stalwart as the backbone of the state’s economy, by both providing employment and generating consistent export revenues.

Driving Innovation: Analytics

4.) Wisconsin – 19.6 Percent

Main Industries: Machinery and metal fabrication, food and beverage and tobacco

Total Manufacturing Output: $50.1 billion

Not content to be known as the “Cheese State,” Wisconsin employs more than 16 percent of the workforce across industrial and food-based manufacturing . With a heavy education emphasis from state funding (Wisconsin is ranked No. 1 in high school graduation rates in the country), Wisconsin continues to provide greater input and innovation across the industry.

Wisconsin is also home to a variety of large production plants and businesses whose products are found in your local grocery stores.

Driving Innovation: 3D printing

5.) Iowa – 18.6 Percent

Main Industries: Machinery manufacturing, food and beverage, tobacco manufacturing, chemical manufacturing

Total Manufacturing Output: $27.6 billion

At the intersection where crops utilization, manufacturing and science meet sits the state of Iowa, where corn is king, along with a bevy of corn-related products: ethanol, pharmaceutical products, food additives, beer, tires, porcelain, paper products and even glue. Many products in your day-to-day life make use of corn or corn byproducts in their creation.

Driving Innovation: Invention

With technology, especially automation and data analysis, driving a resurgence in manufacturing in the US, it’s easy to see how the manufacturing industry can benefit from the development of new technologies and help grow the economy.


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