New program developed to help veterans get manufacturing jobs ran an article, “Leading manufacturing companies unveil veteran job-training program” on their buisiness page this morning discussing a new program being instituted to help veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan:

Some of the nation’s leading manufacturing companies announced a new program Monday to help veterans gain the skills necessary to fill some of the estimated 600,000 high-tech manufacturing jobs that remain open because employers can’t find qualified applicants.

The manufacturers say the program will be initially offered in 10 cities. The companies will work with local community and technology colleges to offer training and to put veterans on a fast track to obtaining certification in such areas as electronics, welding and machining.

General Electric, Alcoa, Inc., Boeing, and Lockheed Martin are the companies joining together to provide $6 million in seed money for the training program and will also develop a job-training guide for employers to help them mentor their veteran employees.

Eagle Technologies Group is an industry leader in the design and installation of factory automation systems worldwide.

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