Why Process Validation Is Important

Manufacturing is essentially a synthesis of four distinct inputs: materials, facilities, labor, and time. Any decrease in the quantity needed for any of those inputs without diminishing the quality of the final product results in cost savings for the manufacturer. If those savings are spread out across a large enough run of production, the savings can be huge. Think about it this way: if you spend less time, use up fewer materials, and have less labor and machinery devoted to a single product, without diminishing the final quantity you deliver to your customers, that’s fewer man hours you have to pay labor for, smaller (and cheaper) orders from your suppliers, and more time left on your factory floor to devote to delivering the next order on time. Of course, it’s impossible in most cases to decrease any of these inputs significantly, while still keeping up the same level of output. That’s why Process Validation is so important: it can help you to ensure that your costs are as low as they can possibly be, by carefully monitoring and improving how you use your inputs. Over time, process validation can significantly improve your company’s profitability, and allow you to bid more competitively for those big orders. In many cases, it can even help you to identify and eliminate costs to production that you weren’t even aware of. The bottom line is that Process and Product Validation is something that your manufacturing business can’t afford to do without.

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