3 Myths About Robotics Manufacturing

When the automotive industry rolled out the first manufacturing robotics equipment in the 1960’s, plant workers no doubt worried about their jobs. Almost 50 years later, workers, still worry when the plant decides to enter the robotics era. The same myths, or an updated form of them, always seem to arise as well. Fortunately, these myths are easily expelled with some information on robotics in manufacturing.

Myth: Jobs are eliminated when robotics take over.
The reality is that many jobs are created when a plant shifts to robotics. Sure, the robots can do more tasks at a faster pace. However, the additional output must be handled. More workers will be needed in packaging, quality control, and the departments handling the product before and after the robotics machines as the production increases.

Myth: Robots require no quality control.
They are still machines that must be assembled and calibrated to be able to handle their task. If the robotics equipment isn’t calibrated properly, quality will become a serious issue. Robotics in shipping and receiving can cause delays. In addition, relaxing the quality control because of the robotics can lead to defective products making it through to the consumer. The result can be the dreaded and very expensive recall.

Myth: Robotics technicians are highly trained and skilled.
In many cases, the people being displaced by the robot are the ones who will be operating it. Depending on the job type and complexity, the training can take a few hours to a few days or more. According to Lincoln Electric, makers of welding robotics, welders are more difficult to train than welding robots. The welder only has to learn the essentials of operating the new machine.

When your company decides to move up to robotics manufacturing, a little information to the production staff will go a long way. The rumors will permeate the plant, but simple answers to the myths, like the ones given here, are all that you need to calm the your workforce. If you need a hand, contact the Eagle Technologies customer care department for more information.

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