Cell Test & Load Machines for Electric Vehicle Batteries

High performance battery testing for automotive vehicles.

Smart automation is the automotive industry’s best solution to growing EV battery demand.

The decade of the 2020s is set to be a tipping point in the automotive industry, with demand for electric vehicles growing, and ongoing government investment in electric vehicle infrastructure. Battery technology itself is changing, allowing for longer driving ranges, faster charging times, and more powerful vehicles. To meet this growing demand for electric vehicles, automotive manufacturers need an automation partner with the expertise in EV battery production.


At Eagle Technologies, we have not only worked in the automotive industry for decades, we’ve also partnered with other premiere automation companies to establish expertise in the production of EV battery cells. Our initiative in this area means we have become a top supplier of electric vehicle automation to many of the automotive industry’s leaders.

  • Eagle’s Expertise:

    $200M engineered, manufactured production equipment delivered and installed in the last 10 years.

    $20M in electric and hybrid vehicle lab/prototype and Advanced Test equipment delivered.

    $1M invested by Eagle in advanced technologies at the San Jose Electric Vehicle Innovation Center.


  • High-speed robotic pick and place
  • Barcode scan battery cell
  • 3D vision inspect
  • Module load
  • Wire bond
  • Plasma clean
  • Adhesive dispense
  • Cover load
  • Electrical test
  • Leak test

Automated battery assembly using the latest smart manufacturing techniques.

EV battery production needs to scale to keep up with the market demand for electric and hybrid vehicles. Fortunately, automation capabilities in the past few years have risen to meet this challenge, offering new techniques to both assemble and test EV batteries.


These capabilities include high-speed robotics with 6-axes of mobility that can lift, orient, and place components, adhesive dispensing technology that is accurate to the nanometer, and ultrasonic wire bonding capabilities that can fuse materials at the atomic level.

Automated testing on stand-alone machines or in-process.

Quality and consistency is essential to EV battery production, which is why we incorporate product testing directly into our assembly processes. These verification steps can also be handled independently as stand-along procedures, either for spot-testing or to add new verification methods to an already existing assembly process.

Our visioning technology means we can also conduct scan inspections without adding another step to the process, and our barcode systems mean you can track units as they progress through your system and identify them for product tracing purposes.

Client Testimonial

“Because we worked with Eagle, our company earned the opportunity to provide for one of the largest customers in our market.”


Industry-leading investments in advanced battery technologies.

At Eagle, we haven’t been content to just be the adopters of new technology—we are the innovators. Our leadership in the field of EV battery technology includes a one-million dollar investment in the Electric Vehicle Innovation Center, along with our industry partners, Rockwell Automation.


On display at the center is our EV Battery Machine, which uses independent cart technology and multiple magnetically-propelled movers that allow for programmable deceleration, speed, and positioning. This allows our smart machine to manage every step of the battery assembly and test process, including initial battery cell handling, battery pack loading, depalletization, and transfer to processing and testing stations.

Collaborative partnerships with 97% on-time delivery rate.

We understand that our customers depend on us to meet their production goals. In a high-paced industry, a delay in the delivery of an automated assembly can cost businesses millions in lost sales. This is why our team works closely with our customers to understand their needs precisely, so that we can deliver the equipment they need on top, and on spec.


Our use of advanced simulation technology also shortens the time it takes us to complete a project. By providing proof of concept before the project has begun, we can avoid extended and expensive prototyping until a later stage. With an accurate simulation of the final assembly automation, our engineering team can also begin programming and debugging simultaneously with the production build-out. Together these innovations have allowed us to shorten turnaround times from a full year to a matter of months.

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If you are looking for an EV battery automation partner for your company, Eagle has your back. We are stationed in locations around the globe, from the heart of American manufacturing in the Midwest, to the innovation center in California, and a new installation and support center in China. We also have global manufacturing partners stationed in Ireland and Mexico.


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