NVH Tester

Challenge accepted.

Development NVH Tester

Eagle designed this tester for                                                                                                                                                                            

  • Transfer case shift characterization and validation.
  • Characterization of transfer case coil resistance.
  • Dynamic NVH analysis of the product utilizing order tracking.
  • Functional validation of assembly.
  • High Gage R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility) and Correlation.



  • Coupling of servo motors to the product in a restricted space)
  • Flexibility to test different models with different physical dimension
  • Minimizing vibrations on the machine
  • Protection of the part and servo motors
  • Fulfill safety requirements


  • Compact footprint and modular design
  • Custom mechanical design that allows moving the servo motors to adapt to the product dimensions
  • 0-200 mm Lateral and Vertical adjustment on output
  • Interchangeable fixtures designed for each model
  • Belt-driven axis to allow coupling of servo motor in a restricted space
  • Integration of 3rd party order tracking analysis
  • Precision balanced driveline (G 2.5)


  • High repeatability and correlation
  • Low first order dynamic energy
  • Efficient cycle time
  • Low factory noise


Test Capabilities

  • 200 Nm applied torque (base speed)
  • 5000 RPM Maximum input speed
  • Dynamic Torque transducers
  • Speed and torque modes
  • NVH Squash Ball mounted accelerometers
  • NIST Calibration and Traceability

Hardware & Controls

  • Climate controlled 3-door 480 VAC Panel
  • Single door test equipment panel
  • Siemens Drives and controls
  • Large touchscreen PC for machine control and test configuration
  • MES integration
  • Custom part interface circuit