Swaging is a process that can resize the ends of rods, wires, and tubes to make it possible to fit them into another component. This can be done either by narrowing the end or by expanding it. Swaging is usually a cold process, wherein the tube or piping is forced into a die that broadens or tapers the end according to the use case.

Unlike some reshaping methods that require cutting or honing of materials, swaging is a lossless method that saves on overall material costs. At Eagle, we can easily design a swaging process into any assembly system using a feeder system, and can incorporate CMM verification to ensure the final dimensions are correct.

In 1988, Eagle produced the first standard camshaft machine using a ballizing method that forces a steel ball through the camshaft to expand it and secure lobes in place. Since then, more than sixty million camshafts have been produced on our machines. We can bring this level of expertise to any swaging process your assembly requires.

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