Pressing tools can range from simple hydro-pneumatic mechanical devices used to clamp and compress materials together, to advanced, hydraulic and electro-mechanical tools with precision technology to control the exact force applied to the material. In each application, validation and safety measures must be in place to ensure quality output and worker safety.

Eagle has decades of experience creating pressing machines for automation applications. Our automation technologies work in conjunction with each other to create the ideal solution for manufacturers. For instance, our pressing and swaging techniques can join fitted materials together, or we can automate the dispensing of adhesives or sealants prior to the pressing process.

We can incorporate CMM verification tools into our pressing automation process to ensure each piece achieves the correct dimensions. Additionally, we can add other quality control validation measures wherever needed to guarantee component standardization.


  • Force Monitoring
  • Distance Conformation
  • Press to Stall
  • In-Process Control, Monitoring and Adjustment
  • Signature Analysis
  • Assembly Monitoring
  • Traceability Recording

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