From nuts and bolts to rivets and stakes, fasteners are an essential material joining method across every industry. While fasteners necessarily require adding material to a component, they are also the only way to fit materials together that otherwise have very different properties. Fastening processes can include simple mechanical operations, or complex, high-pressure methods that must work in conjunction with adhesive and sealant dispensers.

At Eagle, we’ve built fastening assemblies as simple as applying a single screw, and as complex as sequential patterns of torque with multiple fasteners. We can design assembly stations that are completely automated using advanced robotics, or that assist operators in performing fastening steps.

For new or innovative designs, we have advanced technology to guide our development process. When necessary, we can print 3D prototypes test and validate an assembly process, and we can incorporate verification tools to check the fastenings at any stage to be sure they meet design requirements.


  • Low and High Pressure Riveting Operations
  • Orbit Riveting and Forming Solutions
  • Hard Staking Operations
  • Heat Stake of Plastic Components
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Pneumatic Hand Tools
  • DC and Servo Screw Diving Applications
  • Nut Driving Operations
  • Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing Applications

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