When production stations require operators, the design of that station can go a long way toward ensuring the production environment is safe, efficient, and comfortable. From operating manual equipment to tagging parts for tracking and inspecting components for verification, our workstations can be customized to suit any number of tasks.

Beyond designing workstations that ensure the safety and productivity of operators, we also create stations that incorporate quick change fixtures, allowing each station to serve multiple purposes. Whether you need a station for small production or several stations for increased output, we can build something to suit your needs.

We can include validation tools as part of the workstation to help operators conduct quality control tests. Our Industry 4.0 technologies offer additional capabilities, such as AR-enabled devices to aid operators in performing tasks, or IIoT equipment to help collect and analyze data.



  • Manual Workstation – offline
  • Manual Workstation – online
  • Standard Platform/Quick Change Fixtures

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