At first glance, fixtures in factory automation seem like a contradiction, but the fact remains: not all processes are best handled through large-scale solutions designed for outputs in the thousands of parts per day. Some processes require manual handling from skilled workers. Our work is designed to support them.

At Eagle, we work with your team to design ergonomic workstations that enable safe and efficient assembly of components. Our fixtures enable workers to deliver a higher output volume by creating a station that puts each tool easily within reach, while keeping components positioned in a steady and comfortable work angle.

Our fixed workstations aren’t just designed to be ergonomic—they’re also built to be fail safe. By using a fixture that, by design, requires operators to hold parts in a certain orientation or that prompts them to verify a certain measurement before moving it forward. As a result you ensure a greater degree of quality control for your products.


  • Manual Assembly Fixtures
  • Test Fixtures
  • Automatic Assembly Fixtures
  • Multiple model fixtures
  • Welding fixtures

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