The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is comprised of a network of factory automation devices that can transmit data via a hardwired connection, or wirelessly. The IIoT is quickly becoming a standard among manufacturing businesses—and for good reason. In an industry where high data quality and interconnectivity are increasingly essential, IIoT manufacturing equipment gives forward-thinking businesses a sharp competitive edge.

Eagle not only designs IIoT-enabled systems, we can ensure that each piece of equipment within our automation solution communicates with other components as necessary. IIoT collects the production data behind our product tracing technology, and it reports it back to centralized consoles for operator oversight. It can even be linked to AR devices to guide operators during the production process.

Through the use of IIoT technology, we help our customers gain control of their manufacturing process. By providing more in-depth monitoring capabilities, real-time performance monitoring, and component tracking at each manufacturing stage, we help manufacturers optimize their production process from start to finish.

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