The world is powered by data. Now, more than ever, manufacturers rely on the insights that can be gained from analyzing the information at a macro level. And when that information can be linked to specific products made by a specific piece of equipment at a specific time, the opportunities for factory optimization are limited only by the quality of data you are able to obtain, and applications you can imagine for it.

At Eagle, we can incorporate both the technologies to gather precise production data, and the processes which allow that data to be matched to a specific component. Our capabilities include direct part marking, print and apply, RF data tracking, product birth certification, and process recipe control.

We can issue a serial number matched product birth certificate for your components, so that if you have need to retrace the production history of any part, you can do so. Our data processing and product tracing capabilities make it possible for businesses to identify the point of origin for any fault in production, and to issue targeted recalls should any issue arise.

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