The transmission transfers energy from the engine through the powertrain, meaning their performance has a direct impact on engine efficiency. From manual to automatic, multi-speed to dual clutch, we can test your transmission systems to ensure peak performance.


Many gains in engine performance are tied to transmission efficiency, from continuously variable transmissions which operate without a fixed gear ratio, to higher production standards that reduce manufacturing flaws.

However, transmissions don’t just affect engine performance; they also impact the driver’s experience while handling the vehicle. For automotive enthusiasts, the sound of an engine shifting gears, or the feel of a clutch making a smooth transition, are essential for their enjoyment. Our testing can check for handling and driver experience metrics, as well as for performance.

Solenoid Characterization

In a transmissions and fuel injection systems, precise control over pressure and flow is what allows for smooth handling of a vehicle. Solenoid testing of the final assembly validates factors such as volume in a circuit or the positioning of a clutch.

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Valve Body Air Test

High-pressure air tests provide preliminary validation before a full wet test. The air test can be conducted at lower pressures and with fewer tools than a wet test, and can indicate if there are any leaks in the system that would impede functioning.

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Valve Body Wet Test

Following the air test, we use a wet test using the appropriate fluids and the right temperatures for a full working assessment of the final assembly. This also allows for a full characterization of the solenoid circuits.

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During this test, we conduct a full assessment of the final powertrain assembly for front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive systems. The systems check review electrical integrity, pumps and pump noise, the final characterization of sub systems, kiss point calibration, shifting, NVH, and parking pawl.

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4–10 Speed

In cars with automatic transmissions, higher-speed gearboxes can lead to increased engine efficiency and performance. Our multi-speed transmission tests include high-speed, precision balancing tools and testers which include the CANBUS interface.

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Dual Clutch

Dual clutch transmissions allow for quick shifts while maintaining the power train within its peak torque band range. As these systems are essentially three transmissions in one, they require additional checks to be sure all parts function harmoniously.

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Hybrid Electric

Hybrid transmissions combine a smaller electric battery system with the standard combustion engine resulting in a vehicle that has tremendous gains in fuel efficiency without the range limitations of an electric vehicle.

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Noise, vibration, and harshness testing is critical for end-of-line testing in transmissions. We used advanced linear, torsional, and dynamic torque sensors to ensure proper validation, and include nicked gears, PLRO, and gross imbalance as part of our standard testing.

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