Advances in medical technology have revolutionized modern medicine, offering new procedures, treatments, and medical devices to hospitals and patients. Our advanced testing systems help these products reach the market quickly and safely.


Now more than ever, the life sciences industry is seeking reliable partners in their supply chain to increase the production of essential medical supplies. However, these supplies must meet the high standards set by the FDA in cleanliness and safety before they can be approved for mass production.

Our experience in the life sciences industry positions us to exceed regulatory guidelines, while providing the requisite documentation to validate our procedures.


When producing prescription drugs in a laboratory setting, a number of tests must be conducted to demonstrate product safety. We can measure temperature, volume, pressure, and force, along with other metrics, to meet your project specifications.

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Vision Systems

We have specialized in optical manufacturing for decades. Our advanced testing capabilities in this field include area scan, line scan, surface finish, and surface topography. From contact lenses to eye glasses, we can support your vision system requirements.

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