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Aerospace and military technologies represent a class of high-tech products that must operate under conditions far beyond everyday applications. Our test systems ensure that they measure up.


From jets traveling several times the speed of sound to armored vehicles that must hold up under explosions and heavy fire, components designed for aerospace and military applications must be reliable above all else.

We bring decades of experience in automotive and ballistics manufacturing, as well as new VR, 3D additive manufacturing, and advanced simulations to help your team move projects from proof of concept to final production.


Our range of cross-industry experience means we can work with you to develop premium-grade equipment for aerospace and military applications. From material sciences to heat treating to advanced signature analysis, we have the resources to support your project.

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Aerospace and military technologies must be able to withstand intense pressures and extreme conditions. We validate variables from dynes to durability to ensure your technology continues to operate at peak performance.

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Assembly Test

Having demonstrated proof of concept in the development and validation stages, we can complete your project through our assembly and test systems. Whether you need a manual or fully automated process, we can deliver according to your requirements.

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