Berrien County factories work to make face shields for first responders

Brie Isom, WSBT 22 Reporter |

Some factories in Berrien County are adding an extra project to their daily to-do list.

Eagle Technologies has partnered with Edgewater Automation to make face shields for first responders. The face shields will go to all first responders in Berrien County. Eagle Technologies gave us a look at these face shields and told us how effective they really are.

The shields will serve as an extra form of Personal Protective Equipment.

“I’ve been with the Bridgman Fire Department, I’ve been with them for 17 years so I understand the PPE required,” said Micah Baggett.

Micah Baggett is a special machine builder at Eagle Technologies.

The company specializes in making robotics and large systems for industries. Now, they’re also making the face shields.

“They offer good protection from all of the airborne particulates and heavy particles,” said Baggett.

The two factories are going to make 750 shields for the first responders of Berrien County. Berrien County Undersheriff Chuck Heit says the shields will be worn over N95 masks so officers can be extra protected.

“We still often times deal with people in situations where we’re giving CPR so we’re wearing them in those situations,” said Chuck Heit. “They partnered together for the face shields– two companies that are usually competitors in the same field. We’re really thankful.”

The undersheriff for Berrien County says officers will only use these shields when they have to come in close contact with people or are on a suspected coronavirus call.

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