applianceWhen America’s largest manufacturer of washers and dryers needs balance rings, they need them right and they need them right now. For balance rings, the trick is welding the two halves together to form a water tight seal fast enough to keep up with production. Eagle Technologies was chosen to produce machines capable of friction welding these large diameter plastic parts together quickly and with little to no scrap, and then filling them with fluid to create a balance ring.


Friction weld two 28” diameter plastic molded rings together to form a water tight balance ring. Control radial orientation between the top & bottom half within 2°. Do it fast and with less than 1% scrap.


Eagle Technologies, using our extensive experience is custom servo driven solutions provided a universal friction welder capable of spinning these two large diameter parts together. Speed, rotational position, applied force all were programmable from the user interface to create menus for a variety of part type. The results: reduced scrap, shortened cycle time, reduced down time, improved quality, increased throughput!