Businesses from many industries rely on tracking data both to manage their production flow and to trace production errors back to their source in case of a recall. We provide tracking solutions as simple as a pass/fail paint mark and as complex as modern technology allows.


Countless examples of product recalls over the past decades have demonstrated the costs of faulty production, and the importance of high quality control standards. A product recall isn’t only a significant loss of revenue and damaging to a business’s reputation, it’s also a waste of resources and raw materials.

The accurate product tracing provided by our technology can limit the scope of a recall by allowing businesses to pinpoint the origin of a manufacturing error, and recall only the parts affected.


The latest generation of connected devices allows manufacturers to gather more data about their production process than ever before. We can offer feedback in real-time about production performance or even gather all the process data for a serial number matched product birth certificate and retain it for one hundred years

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Product Tracing Capabilities Include:

  • Data Management
  • Product Traceability
  • Barcode – 1D and 2D
  • DPM (Direct Part Marking)
  • Laser and Dot Peen Marking
  • Print and Apply
  • CFR21 Part 11
  • RF Data Tracking
  • Product Birth Certification
  • Process Recipe Control
  • Build to Order
  • ILVS (In-Line Vehicle Sequencing)

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