productandprocessvalidationAlmost every industry has the need for product and process validation during the assembly phase of many critical components. Our years of experience in providing direct feedback of assembly results provide a proven payback by reducing overall WIP (Work In Process) and scrap. Our automated systems use the data from these results and automatically correct assembly variables in real time, creating a more accurate and reliable final product.

  • Air Verification
  • Gauging / Measurement
  • Testing
  • Vision Inspection

Air Verification

We have developed high precision air testing of critical components for our customers. By eliminating the need for wet media to test and validate a products actual performance, our Engineers can create a correlation with air or an inert gas to liquid media. This method of functional testing eliminates expensive, hazardous and dirty test media with low cost, clean and safe test media that can detect product defects with 10 times the accuracy of a liquid media.

  • Fluid Pump Performance
  • Valve Body Tolerances
  • Accumulator
  • Valve Seats and Seals
  • Compressors


Product testing, both during and after the final assembly phase of your product is critical to life cycle and performance calculations. Our custom test systems can apply almost an endless variation of physical tests. Results of the test can drive simple accept / reject limits as well as real time in-process adjustments of the assembly tasks. We can help you determine the proper testing procedures and methods based on your product application, as proper definition of your test requirements before construction can greatly reduce the overall cost of ownership of your process equipment.

  • Crush
  • Durability
  • Electrical
  • Functional
  • Hardness
  • Leak & Flow
  • Destructive

Gauging and Measurement

Integrating precision gauging & measurement devices into our automated and manually operated equipment is second nature to us. Your product demands the most accurate results possible and we know how to extract these results using a variety of gauging equipment. Results from these devices can dynamically adjust the assembly process to reduce the cost of WIP (Work In Process) and scrap. The information gathered from these gauging processes can also be uploaded to a host of applications to become part of the products traceability record.

  • Contact
  • Non-contact
  • Select Fit
  • Vision Verification and measurement