frictionandspinRexroth helps friction welder put a new spin on welding plastic parts. Eagle Technologies used a Rexroth drive and control platform to reduce components while improving output, durability and safety functionality on its power plastics welding machine.

Eagle Technologies’ power welder uses Rexroth drive, control and linear motion technology to give washing machine parts manufacturer greater reliability, reduced waste and less downtime.


  • Reduce waste, improve welds
  • Reduce expense, downtime from component failure
  • Increase flexibility for part changeover
  • Maximize operator safety


  • IndraMotion MLD platform with integrated motion logic control
  • IndraDrive digital intelligent servo drives with Safety on Board and Safe Motion functionality
  • Synchronous IndraDyn servo motor with absolute Hiperface encoder
  • SERCOS III Ethernet
  • Durable Ball Screw and Ball Rail® assemblies
  • VCP Series touchscreen HMI


  • Reduced waste/scrap material by 15 percent
  • Longer motor life
  • Fewer machine components, less build-out time
  • Less machine flexing, more accuracy
  • Easier machine programming and changeover
  • More uptime, efficiency and throughput
  • Maximized operator safety