Technology a driver in top manufacturing states

In a recent report on the manufacturing industry’s share of gross state product, the Bureau of Economic Analysis outlined the industry’s impact on each state’s economy and what the driver behind their market shares. Technology seems to be the main driver behind the success of manufacturing in many U.S. States.

With automation innovation, manufacturers pay more attention to ‘big data’

Manufacturing equipment has become more advanced in recent years, as well as more connected, allowing manufacturers to collect and manage data in order to improve their workflows and efficiency while they monitor the data from wherever they are. Big data is loosely defined as the concept of managing, analyzing, storing and...

Robots now able to work hand-in-hand with their human counterparts

Volkswagen recently announced that they are setting up their first “collaborative robot” to assist humans at their engine plant in Salzgitter, Germany. The lightweight robotic arm is the first for the company that won’t sit in a cage. Rather, it will work in close vicinity of humans in the cylinder head...

Automation outlook is good for 2013

All signs are pointing to a good year for the industrial automation equipment market, according to a IHS/IMS Research report. The market for industrial automation equipment (IAE) is pegged to grow 6.2% this year to about $170 billion, helped in part by the recovery of global manufacturing in the first quarter,...

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