The Costs of Green Legislative Compliance

The trend toward environmental friendliness has been helped by government incentives like grants and tax breaks for greener industries. However, the other side of that coin is mandatory compliance to new environmental legislation. Government officials put the laws into place to affect change in the ways that companies use natural...

New report on Illinois employment highlights the state of manufacturing in the midwest

From the Chicago Tribune: With steady growth in exports and manufacturing jobs, the Illinois economy is beginning to make moderate gains. But government-sector layoffs and a weak construction market continue to challenge the state, according to The State Monitor report, released Monday by BMO Capital Markets Economics. ... Overall, the Illinois jobless rate...

Why Ford’s EcoBoost is a Hybrid Compliment

Since 2010, Ford Motor Company has been placing its new EcoBoost under the hoods of new car models. The Taurus and the Escape are two examples. However, the company has been making waves by removing the popular hybrid engine option from the three different engine options offered for the 2013...

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