Archive: Apr 2012

More Waste in Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is all about rooting out and replacing wasteful methods, processes and products. Once the waste is found, the company’s work goes beyond elimination to finding ways to prevent the waste from occurring again. Value-added calculations are also considered along with wastefulness. Companies can look in the usual places to find waste to eliminate….

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Finding the Environmental Blind Spot In Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a popular plant management method, but it does have flaws. Depending on the company using the technology, lean manufacturing could overlook some very vital and costly areas for waste elimination. These are known as the blind spots of lean manufacturing. By understanding the blind spots in a lean manufacturing plan, the company…

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Ways to Reduce Product Defects in Manufacturing

No one wants to see a product or a company done in by a defect. This is especially true if the defect could have been prevented during the manufacturing phase. As class action suits and laws against product defects become more aggressive, plants should take a few measures to reduce the number of defects and…

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