When The Tap Isn’t Good Enough: Classification of Water in Drug Manufacturing

Water is the base ingredient for many drug products. It is also used in cleaning the equipment and to alter the makeup of other drugs. Like other substance, water carries pathogens, minerals and other contaminants that can actually change the composition of the drug. Bacteria within the water can cause illness in the...

A Look at the Maintenance Management Systems

To avoid the costs, time and production lost from a mechanical breakdown, manufacturing companies have developed a handful of processes concepts and strategies. These maintenance management systems each control the tasks required to keep a machine functioning. They also dictate the way in which manufacturers address the breakdown of company machinery. Deciding which...

Exploring the 3 Common (and Avoidable) Pick and Pack Errors

Picking and packing is an area in most plants where automation has taken over. The barcoding systems, conveyors and other machinery work together to ensure that orders are filled and shipped accurately and on-time. However, many companies are still not using the their automated pick and pack systems to the fullest of the...

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