Archive: Feb 2012

What is High-Tech Manufacturing?

The manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy is comprised of 18 industries. Each industry is responsible for manufacturing the goods used in households and businesses daily. One industry that has attracted recent scrutiny is the high-tech manufacturing industry. Despite the news of new developments and rivals amongst manufacturers in this industry, many people still remain…

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3 Reasons to Analyze Before You Automate

Preparing to automate a plant is an exciting prospect. Automation can easily make the processes and production run more efficiently than before. The prospect of new technology is also exciting in itself. Despite the thrill, plant managers shouldn’t leap too quickly into automating their work space. Doing so can have consequences that can eat away…

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Simple Steps Toward Sustainable Manufacturing

Making a plant more sustainable can quickly become a costly endeavor. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Sustainable manufacturing, by definition, involves using enough energy to produce what is currently needed without putting future energy stores and environmental needs in jeopardy. This can be done without overhauling the entire plant. There are little things that…

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