Archive: Aug 2011

The End of Renewable Manufacturing?

The July 2011 Congressional deficit debates led into the biggest tax cuts the U.S. has seen in quite some time. A number of programs were either shaved or will simply go un-renewed at their deadline. Others were shutdown almost immediately. One of the industries that saw a lot of attention during and after the debates…

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What Do New Fuel Standards Mean for Hybrids?

In July 2011, President Obama issued new fuel standards with a deadline of 2025 for completion. His goal was to reduce the American dependence on oil, but the new rigid standards were welcomed by the automobile industry. In fact, the President signed the law with the head executives of the major American and Japanese automakers…

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Common Myths about Organic Food Processing

Organic foods are those that are grown and processed for consumers without artificial interferences. These include fertilizers and preservatives. Because of the lack of “assistance” in maintaining freshness, organic foods have developed a bit of a reputation. In the food contamination cases of late where fresh foods seem to be harbingers of E. coli and…

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