Archive: Feb 2011

Three Reasons to Consider LEED Certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a certification used to authenticate true eco-friendly buildings. Over the years, companies have undertaken the process to become LEED certified, while others are still hesitant. The costs involved are prohibitive for some, in part due to potential interruptions in production. Fortunately, the benefits of…

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Electric Car

New Automation Technology Needs Created by the Electric Car

Despite the rise in popularity and awareness for alternative fuels and motors that run on them, there is still interest in a car that uses no fuel at all. The electric car is that solution. It may seem simple, but there are many hurdles yet to cross before the electric car can become the standard…

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Small Town Manufacturing Plant

Why Manufacturers Love the Small Town Setting

The addresses of manufacturing plants across the U.S. hail to towns that are unheard of outside of the local area. They exist as members of the local business community, contributing to the local economy, employing from the local pool of workers, and even patronizing local suppliers. In fact, they have become so much a part…

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Customer Care Representative | Eagle Technologies

Educating Customers Through Service

The customer care representative is often the first person that a harried client connects with. They are the 911 operators of the company, taking all of the vital information, assessing the problem, and directing the client to the appropriate department for help. For some manufacturers, however, customer service is much more than a complaint department….

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