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A Map of the United States

The Curious Case of Factories Relocating INSIDE the U.S.

For many years there’s been a fear of outsourcing in manufacturing. This fear comes from a time when companies were relocating outside of the U.S. to take advantage of cheaper labor and infrastructure. Once the Great Recession started on the slow path to recovery, a curious thing began to occur. Firms were still relocating, but…

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Is the Recession Really the Cause of Lost Manufacturing Jobs?

When the recession hit, many people blamed the collapse of the auto industry, the financial sector, and the mortgage meltdown for the loss of manufacturing jobs. These things contributed, but the damage was already done before the collapse. Aside from economists in the know, few people understand that the losses in manufacturing may have little…

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How to spot a fake spare part

10 Ways to Spot a Fake Spare Part

Acquiring competitively priced spare parts can be a challenge anytime you are trying to manage your spare parts inventory. The temptation to cut costs by buying competitively is ever present, but the result can leave you with cheap knock-off parts. These are often difficult to distinguish from the real item, but there are a few…

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Preventative Maintenance can avoid a factory shut-down

5 Ways That Preventative Maintenance can Spot Machinery Motor Problems

The motors that power manufacturing machines are just like the ones that power our cars, in that preventive maintenance is key to avoiding catastrophic and costly problems. The motor is obviously a large part of any machine’s operating system. When it goes down, so does production until the problem is fixed. Let’s take a look…

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Economic Recovery: A little bit at a time

Why 2010’s Manufacturing Review is Good News for the Economy

The country’s political, economic, and manufacturing industry officials are doing a proverbially happy dance over 2010’s year end manufacturing industry statistics. The slight increases are indeed news of some movement in the industry, but why all the fuss? To understand why such seemingly small progress translates into a good 2011 year, you must learn about…

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Allergens in Food Processing

Manufacturing Food Safety: Managing Allergies

The human body’s reaction to foods is still the subject of concern and curiosity. Food manufacturers worry about introducing ingredients into the food that could potentially harm customers. However, there is no way to know or remove allergens for billions of people living off the American food supply. The food safety sector of the food…

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