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Items to Consider in Making a More Efficient Plant

The green movement is much more than a way to jump onto the eco-friendly bandwagon, it can also be a way to reduce plant-operating costs considerably over time. Many plants have found that simple monitoring, maintenance, scheduling, and other techniques are easy to implement. Others have to add energy-saving equipment to become more energy efficient. Let’s examine a few ways to get your plant started in the right ‘green’ direction.

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Observations from 2010

The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and the American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association (AMTDA) released a report on the status of the manufacturing technology industry in 2010. Manufacturing technology describes tools used to produce the goods manufactured each year. The state of this industry reflects a few things about the American economy, including the workforce, sales, and losses experienced by manufacturers. Let’s examine a few things that the 2010 report says about the American economy for the past year.

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green manufacturing

How to Avoid "Greenwashing" in Manufacturing

Let’s face it, green products are a goldmine in today’s world of environmental consciousness. Many consumers buy “organic”, “recyclable”, and “green” products by what they see on the label. This makes it all too tempting for a company to slap such a label on the product whether it deserves it or not. This is what the Federal Trade Commission calls Greenwashing. The agency is fighting against the practice through its Green Guides and regulations. However, there are several ways you can prevent accidental Greenwashing for your own products.

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winter storm_preventative maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Checks for Michigan Winter’s

Every Michigan manufacturing plant has its ritual that prepares the facility for the severe cold, snow, and ice of winter. The ritual starts in October, well before the first snow. However, preventive maintenance departments shouldn’t let the harsh weather slip from all thought after that ritual is complete. There are a few things to remember in order to avoid a winter catastrophe.

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Eagle Tech_Automotive

The Case For Hybrid Engine Block Heaters

Idling a car to heat it up on cold winter mornings is a practice that many people swear by, but few have properly tested for efficiency. In reality, idling a car for any amount of time before driving away will cut into your fuel economy much more than driving away immediately after starting the car. In very cold winter temperatures, the engine block heater is often the best option to avoid idling. A block heater has been proven the best choice for getting a hybrid engine ready for winter driving in many other ways.

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magnifying glass_eagle tech quality control

Eyeballing Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Elsewhere in manufacturing, quality control consists of tasting, sampling, trying, and testing the products coming off the assembly line. In pharmaceuticals manufacturing, quality control is a bit more intricate. Prescription drugs consist of precise chemical compounds formulated to perform a certain task within the body. Quality control thus consists of testing not only the formula, but also ensuring that foreign materials don’t threaten the integrity of the medication.

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Jobs in Pharmaceuticals: Is the Industry Really Recession Proof?

The pharmaceutical industry has long been thought of as the most recession-proof in the manufacturing world today. It is a medical-based industry that creates items that people need to survive, no matter how old they are—prescription drugs. However, the recession of 2008-2009 had many experts rethinking the categorization of pharmaceutical manufacturing as “recession proof”.

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Understanding a Preventive Maintenance Backlog

Backlog is a term used by plant managers and maintenance to prioritize work orders as they are created. A backlog isn’t something to be afraid, but a duty that must be properly managed. Consider your backlog as first line of defenses against breakdown. Good preventive maintenance requires scheduling of maintenance for each item over the life of that item.

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Eagle Technologies_Customer Care

Customer Care Rep: The All Knowing

Customer care representatives in the manufacturing industry are not given the credit they deserve for the job they perform. Plant managers call with questions on the machine, payments, account issues and orders. It is up to the customer care representative to field all of these questions. But, how can a simple sales person know so much about the machines? They can’t. The customer care representative must be able to determine the nature of the customer’s problem and help if possible. Some of the more intricate issues are sent to the engineering department, but customer care representatives often perform the minor things.

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