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Green Incentives

Green Incentives for Manufacturing in Michigan

Manufacturing in Eagle Technologies’ home state of Michigan has gotten a bad rap over the past few years. The problem has been the collapse of the auto industry (which is now on the upswing). Sure, Michigan state officials have tried to shift the work force to other things, such as promoting tourism and filmmaking. However,…

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Alternative Energy: Global Trends

Alternative Energy in Auto Manufacturing: The Global Nudge

The world has recognized and reacted to the need for more alternative energy sources. Customers are looking for greener, more environmentally friendly products and governments are looking for ways to preserve their natural resources while employing their populations. Alternative energy is the solution. No industry has experienced a shift as dramatic as the auto industry…

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Auto Parts

Parts: The Hybrid Motor’s Gift to the U.S. Economy

Hybrid motors are showing up in many of the new car models rolling off the assembly line today. In addition to boosting the automotive industry out of the financial crisis that they suffered in 2008, the hybrid motor has also revived industries that once thrived off of gas powered motor production. Motor parts production suffered…

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Filing Cabinets

Is HACCP Certification Necessary?

In an era of massive food recalls, organics, and the trend toward everything antimicrobial, any process that ensures food safety should be utilized in the food manufacturing industry to prevent contamination. However, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system is one that implements controls on the manufacturing process that can prove costly to the company implementing them. This is especially true in companies looking to convert their plants to adhere HACCP policies. Unfortunately, some managers see the policies as expensive and unnecessary.

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Going Green

Things to Consider About “Going Green”

Going green seems to be the most popular trend in manufacturing and other industries. Companies are churning out products labeled “organic”, “made with renewable materials”, “eco-friendly” and more. Customers, however, are scratching their heads amongst store shelves trying to figure out which products are truly environmentally sound. In an effort to help these consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have come up with a solution for consumers that manufacturers also need to consider before slapping on the next “green” label.

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Importance of Teamwork in a Crisis

Crisis management is an often overlooked area in manufacturing, that is, until disaster actually strikes. A crisis is defined by Bernstein Crisis Management as any situation that is threatening or could threaten to harm people or property, seriously interrupt business, damage reputation and/or negatively impact share value. It results in lost time, reputation and product…

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The Hazards of Keeping Up with the Technological Joneses

The Hazards of Keeping up with the Joneses

It’s easy to get caught up in the technological advances that come pouring into the manufacturing world each year. The robotics manufacturing industry alone is expanding every year. Like competition amongst neighbors for the newest riding mower, manufacturing plants are affected by a type of envy upon seeing their competitor with the newest, cutting-edge machinery….

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